mardi 18 mars 2014

                                             Fashion days Morocco

Hello fashion people.                                                                                                       You have undoubtedly noticed that I have been away for a while; however, I am back now and with new material .                                                                                                  This week, I will be covering the 6th edition of "Fashion Days Morocco": a yearly fashion event created and organised by the Federation of Traditional Moroccan Couture's president : Najia Abadi. The aforementioned association supports young talents and upcoming designers so as to showcase their new collections.
This edition will be held having as a theme : "Casablanca : yesterday, today and tomorrow ". I am honored to have the opportunity to assist some of the higly-skilled fashion designers who will be exposing their work during these exquisite fashion days, which will allow me, in the backstage, to have a closer look at the outfits, from the fabric to the stitching.              I am looking forward to posting photos on my instagram "athenanaim" and to updating my blog daily in order to keep you in touch.
 Stay tuned for more details.

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